How to lock Whatsapp on iPhone? [Tutorial]

I am definite, Article title seems unbelievable to you at first. But it is believable, I am pretty sure that you are really getting desperate in order to know more about it. Hold your breath! It's true, Yes you can put a security (privacy lock) on Whatsapp. I must tell you one thing, You need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to get this feature. If you are not sure whether you want to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, I can help you in making this decision. If you are looking forward to bring some awesome tweaks and modifications like the above mentioned to your iPhone, I hope you don't need any other reason for jailbreak!
Lock Whatsapp

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How to lock Whatsapp on iPhone?

Let's get back to real work. The tutorial for putting up the lock on Whatsapp is as follows: Step 1: Open up Cydia. Go to "Search" option. Step 2: Search for the tweak named "aLock4WhatsApp". If you are not getting any search results with this term. You need to add BigBoss repository to Cydia Resources.

Adding BigBoss repository to Cydia Resources

- Go to Cydia Tab and choose "More Package Sources" option and inside that tap on "BigBoss" and choose "Install". Step 3: After choosing the above mentioned tweak in the search results. Just choose "Install" option for that tweak. You need to reboot springboard in order to see the effects of the tweak. Step 4: All Done. Now open up Whatsapp, As you can see now, Whatsapp is asking for setting the "Pattern based" password. Voila! Your Whatsapp is now protected. Cool! If you faced any problem while following the above tutorial. Post your comments below.